Hey guys!

It came to our attention that some of our significant others disapprove of us looking at Pussy all day.. who knew?

This brings us to our newest feature, the Discreet Icon, iPhone and iPod porn with the disguise of a clock!

If an unexpected friend/girlfriend/wife uses your iPhone or iPod Touch and starts snooping around, all they will find is a World Clock app. If they decide to tap and find out what this clock business is all about, they’ll see it’s an actual clock app!

First, to download the icon and app, go to pocketpoon.com and tap on ‘Tap here for a Discreet Icon” .  Once you get to the clock page, just add it to your home screen as usual. From here, after the actual clock app loads, you will need to tap info and enter the password of poon to proceed to the PocketPoon app.

Also, as an addition, we’ve updated the actual PocketPoon icon, which is displayed below. If like it, you will need to re download the standard Pocket Poon app to your device. If you don’t like the new icon, don’t re download and nothing will change.

Written on February 7th, 2010

Welcome to PocketPoon.com, the new home for Pussy on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

We’re just a few developers transitioning from the native iPhone app world to the new and exciting web app world.

We thought we would start with our favorite thing ( pussy ),  and create a Porn App!

In order for us to keep the awesomeness going, we need a little feedback from you.

Drop us a comment to let us know your thoughts. If you like it, say so.

If you think it’s crap, we wanna know that too. If you have an idea that you think would make this better, share it so we can bring it to life. We wanna hear from you!

Check back frequently as we’ll be regularly updating with new girls and features.

—-How to Get PocketPoon—-
1. Go to http://pocketpoon.com
2. Add the app to your homescreen
3. Launch app from the homescreen
4. Enjoy Free Poon in your Pocket!

Written on January 30th, 2010


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